Outdoor signage is just as important as your website. Not only does it tell people who you are and where you are located, but it also acts as an advertising and branding tool. According to studies, it also has the ability to generate an additional 75 percent to your customer base.

Festoon Signs offer outdoor signage that will leave an impression, combining the highest quality and the perfect price point. We focus on creating outdoor signage that is long-lasting, for up to a decade, so that what you spend is worth the cost.

For those searching for outdoor signage Dubai, Festoon Signs has always focused on outdoor signage using LED lighting, which ensures a longer life, is environmentally friendly, has low maintenance costs, and generally offers a better appearance to potential prospects passing by and current clients visiting your premises. And with aluminum powder coating, our outdoor signage will perform better in the heat.

Furthermore, at Festoon Signs, we consider all the important factors for outdoor signage, including message detection and processing, as well as the intervals of eye and/or head movement that occur when alternating between the sign and the road ahead, and the active maneuvering of the vehicle once the sign has been seen.

So, when thinking of signage manufacturers in Dubai, think Festoon Signs.


Thank you, Irfan, Al Saeedi continues to work with Festoon Signs as their signage contractor for each of their projects and I would highly recommend FESTOON Signs for anyonelooking for a reliable company to execute Signage works. Anish Malattiri Managing Director Al Saeedi Group