Besides designing and manufacturing, FESTOON Signs also ensures the signage systems comply with the guidelines of respective government agencies. Festoon Signs manages the submission of signage clearances and other application requirements on our clients’ behalf to ensure the proposals comply with the guidelines.

Outdoor signage is just as important as your website. Not only does it tell people who you are and where you are located, but it also acts as an advertising and branding tool. According to studies, it also has the ability to generate an additional 75 percent to your customer...
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Are you looking to make more use out of your window displays? Or trying to attract more footfall into your store that’s located in a shopping mall? Do you want your office to be the standout on your floor? Indoor signage is the ideal way to achieve these goals and...
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Did you know that the size of a sign and its lettering can directly impact whether people read your message or simply pass by without ever knowing who you are? Working with industry-leading suppliers and using best-in-class technology, Festoon Signs create 3D, LED and LCD displays that enhance your brand...
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Through research, creative exploration and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs we design window films of the highest quality and variation in design. We can provide a wide variety of customised Frosted films including Decorative Window Film, Stained Glass Window Film, Window Privacy Film, Gradient Window Film, Safety Window...
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Festoon Signs is a leading fabricator and branding specialist of ATM machines in the UAE, We offer several ways to brand the ATM machine, including custom ATM graphics and signage in line with the corporate branding. Festoon Signs ATM design was selected to design and implement a consistent ATM brand...
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With digital billboards slowly saturating the market, it’s difficult to choose between digital signage companies in Dubai. When considering indoor or outdoor digital signage for your business, remember that the best results will come when working with a professional company. Remember that displays can change at a moment’s notice and/or...
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